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Coleus Chorus Quilt from Havested by Maia

Coleus Chorus

$250.00 plus Shipping & Handling

69 X 57 Cotton Quilt

Technique:  Paper piecing/Applique


Description: I was walking through a very charming little village where all up and down the sidewalks were the most beautiful Coleus, of all different colors.  It was intense - the colors and the variety of sizes. It was as if they were all shouting out to be noticed. And of course, I couldn't pick only one, because they all had to be heard.

Autumn Sunset Quilt from Havested by Maia

Autumn Sunset (SOLD!)

Queen size

Commissioned and Sold

Technique: Paper Pieced / Appliqué

Description: This was created as a specific request to have a tree with its leaves blowing in the wind.  I asked the owner if she would go to the paint store and gather paint samples of the colors she would like to see included and then I had my marching orders for the design and colors.  What fun this was to make, knowing that someone really wanted it.  The last photo included here has the edges folded over to reveal the backing of the quilt.  It is simple random stripes that were created using up all of the leftover fabric, and a bit of golden brown to fill in where there was not enough.  Not pictured here are some pillow shams that were made of dark browns and the dark evening sky to continue the picture when the bed was made.

Victory Hosta Quilt from Havested by Maia

Victory Hosta (SOLD!)


$150 plus Shipping & Handling

70 x 57 Cotton Quilt

Technique: Paper Piecing / Appliqué

Description: I was traveling to visit my Sister in Manheim, PA, and while walking around this most picturesque town, I saw this beautiful hosta, called Victory.  And then once I chose the fabrics from my stash, it started to look like an overexposed photo.

Nandina Bloom Quilt from Havested by Maia

Nandina Bloom (SOLD!)


$150 plus Shipping & Handling

56.5 x 51 Quilt

Technique: Paper Piecing / Appliqué

Description: Several years ago, my husband and I had a landscaper work with us to decorate our yard.  He put in a hedge of Nandina bushes because the leaves are so colorful, almost all year long.  What I didn’t know when these beauties started growing was that the Nandina blooms in the spring, with the tiniest of pink buds the size of half of my pinky finger nail, which then open into the tiniest of flowers that look almost like a jonquil. 

Asiatic Dayflower Quilt from Havested by Maia

Asiatic Dayflower (SOLD!)


$150 plus Shipping & Handling

49 x 54 Quilt

Technique: Paper Piecing / Appliqué

Description: I have spent a good bit of time ripping this out of my gardens, muttering to myself about this weed that just won’t give up. I finally stopped my complaining and actually looked at the flower that is no more than the size of my thumb nail and found this tiny blue gem with all kinds of intricacies.

Smiling Lemon Queen Quilt from Havested by Maia

Smiling Lemon Queen (Sold!)


66 x 56 Quilt

Technique: Paper Piecing / Appliqué

Description: My friend Danica used to live on a farm, where she grew fields of sunflowers, all of the varieties she could find.  I made this quilt out of a bouquet she brought me.  Lemon Queen has the palest of lemony yellow leaves, and sunflowers can put a smile on anyone's face.

Harlequin Smile Quilt from Havested by Maia

Harlequin Smiles (Sold!)

$150 plus Shipping & Handling (SOLD!)

63 x 66 Quilt

Technique: Paper Piecing / Appliqué

Description: Harlequin is a stock character in theatre comedy, who is always costumed with diamond shapes on his shirt, and the sunflower of red petals tipped in yellow is named Harlequin.   And for me, all sunflowers seem like smiles of the earth.

Tropical Ginger Quilt from Havested by Maia

Tropical Ginger (Sold!)

$150 plus Shipping & Handling (SOLD!)

52 x 62 Quilt

Technique: Batik

Description: My Brother and Sister-in-Law are marine biologists by trade and training, but by the looks of their garden, I suspect that botany may be their true love.  This is from a photo taken at their place in Florida.  My version of it is done in Batik, because I think all things tropical should be in batik.