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Sagrada Familia Quilt from Havested by Maia

Sagrada Familia del Arcoiris

$150.00 plus Shipping & Handling

74 X 62 Cotton Quilt

Technique:  Crazy Square


Description: Over the years my husband and I have travelled to Barcelona, Spain about 6 times, each trip making a visit to the Gaudi Museum, Park Guell, and la Sagrada Familia Cathedral (in that order). I never tire of seeing the beauty of Antoni Gaudi’s art.  I love the stained glass windows.  Unlike other cathedrals, there are no iconoclastic pictograms, just shards of colored glass making the rainbow appear inside on the walls.  When I started this quilt, it was just a blue “crazy square” design, using up little bits of fabric I had collected over the years.  But once I finished 4 squares, it took me back to Barcelona and I was on my way recreating the windows.
As I was finishing this piece, I looked up the words "sagrada familia" and I was surprised that the actual translation is “holy family”, and NOT “sacred family”.  But I like the idea of a family being sacred, and that all families made of love are sacred, and probably not holy.
I have entitled this quilt, Sagrada Familia del Arcoiris - Sacred Family of the Rainbow.

Moth Orchid Quilt from Havested by Maia

Moth Orchid

$250.00 plus Shipping & Handling

64 X 62 Cotton Quilt

Technique:  Appliqué and Paper Piecing


Description: I was sent this beautiful orchid for a birthday gift.  The detail of the veins in this Moth Orchid were so striking to me that I had to try to see if I could capture them in a quilt. The backing is using up all of the leftover material in a random strip design.